We produce solvent-based, water-based inks for

flexography, rotogravure printing

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The ARHAT Company was founded in 2004 and within more than 13 years of successful operation has achieved leadership and recognition of consumers global wide. Today it is a leading world-class manufacturer, offering flexographic inks of a stable quality. In flexography and rotogravure industry sectors the inks are highly rated due to their environmental compatibility and compliance with international standards.

  • Leader at the Flexography market in Central Asia region

  • Equipment made in Europe & accredited laboratory

  • High degree of training of technical staff

  • Quality management system ISO9001:2015

What the numbers tell us?

The only flexographic inks manufacturing plant in Central Asia
ranges of flexographic inks (alcohol-based and water-based)
tons of inks manufactured and sold a month
satisfied customers from all CIS countries

We manufacture

inks which features excellent water fastness and good color saturation as well as bright, saturated and clear color.

SP Series

Solvent-based for surface printing

W Series

Water-based flexographic inks

SL Series

Alcohol-based lamination inks

SPT Series

Alcohol-based inks for PET-films

STU Series

Alcohol-based inks for heat-shrink

Our competitive advantages

  • Unique 24x7 and free technical support

  • Stable quality of world-class paint thanks to the best ingredients

  • Operative and flexible deliveries to the CIS countries.

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